CLOSED – Digital Twin Solution for Manufacturing and Logistics Operations


We are working with a global company with 20 manufacturing facilities across the world, producing a variety of products for various industries mostly focused on automotive clients. We are currently seeking a digital twin solution to improve our operations efficiency and optimize our manufacturing and logistics processes. We invite proposals from vendors who specialize in this area and have experience in developing and implementing digital twin solutions for similar organizations.

Main objectives to accomplish

  1. Manufacturing Operations: The solution should provide a digital representation of our manufacturing facilities, equipment, and processes to monitor and optimize the production efficiency. It should also include features like predictive maintenance, real-time monitoring, and analytics to improve the overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) and reduce downtime.

  2. Logistics Operations: The solution should provide a digital representation of our logistics network, including warehouses, distribution centers, and transportation routes. It should optimize the routing, scheduling, and delivery of goods, and provide real-time tracking and monitoring to improve the delivery speed, accuracy, and quality.

  3. Integration: The solution should integrate with our existing IT infrastructure, including ERP systems, MES systems, and other data sources, to provide a comprehensive view of our operations and enable data-driven decision-making.

  4. Customization: The solution should be customizable to our specific needs and requirements, and scalable to accommodate our future growth and expansion.

The proposals will be evaluated based on the following criteria:

  1. Technical feasibility and effectiveness of the proposed solution
  2. Compatibility with our existing IT infrastructure
  3. Customizability and scalability of the solution
  4. Proposed implementation plan and timelines
  5. Pricing and value for money
  6. Vendor experience and references

How many people would use the solution?

Regional Supply Chain and Operations teams 

What geography will it be focused on?


How soon do you want to start the implementation?

Q4 2023

What is your budget range?


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