CLOSED – End of Line and Tracking System for Meal Kit Production Client


The client is one of the biggest in Europe and North America meal kit company with seven figures in terms of customers globally. They have an important challenge with handover process between their production sites and the carriers responsible for delivering the boxes to the customers.  The process of loading the pallets onto the carrier vehicle is entirely manual with no systematic quality checks or guidance. They need a better scanning system for box visibility on the journey to the customer.
They are also in need of better tracking system for their deliveries.

Main objectives to accomplish

  • Maintain an auditable time-stamped record of box shipped.
  • Recognise revenue within the correct accounting period.
  • Accurate record of boxes shipped
  • Palletization scan event to be captured
  • Better tracking of delivery operations

How many people would use the solution?

Cross Organizational

What geography will it be focused on?


How soon do you want to start the implementation?

Early 2023

What is your budget range?


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