Closed – Logistics Provider Needs to Automate Contract Management


A global logistics and transportation service provider (LSP) for the chemical and process industries works with a network of carriers and provides managed logistics, thirdparty and consulting services to clients such as P&G, BASF. With nearly 300 employees, the company has offices in US and Belgium. The LSP was looking to expand its global operations and, with its international customer base growing, the company also recognized it needed to automate its contract management and pricing process. 

Essentially, the team needs to manually look up contract and rate data for each new transaction

Main objectives to accomplish

  • The company wants to upgrade its service offerings by integrating an automated system into its own solution platform that would allow its customers, with little or no experience in pricing, to compare full bottom-line rates across multiple service contracts on their own.
  • A platform that would enable the company to centrally manage its ocean service contracts, describing every term with a powerful rules engine to create “calculable contracts.”

How many people would use the solution?

Cross Organizational

What geography will it be focused on?

US and Europe

How soon do you want to start the implementation?

Early 2023

What is your budget range?


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