CLOSED – Planning System for Global Semicon Corporation


The company seeks to implement an Advanced Planning System (APS) that can seamlessly integrate with their existing TMS and Freight Audit Systems. The purpose of this integration is to enhance their operational efficiency, reduce costs, improve inventory management, and optimize logistics and supply chain processes.

Main objectives to accomplish

  1. System Integration: The APS must be compatible with the existing TMS and Freight Audit Systems. This includes seamless data exchange, simultaneous updates, and real-time synchronization between the systems.

  2. Global Accessibility: Given the global nature of the company, the APS must support multiple languages, time zones, and regional regulations. It should be accessible from any location and across different devices (desktop, mobile).

  3. Scalability: The APS should be scalable to meet future expansions, including potential increases in the number of manufacturing facilities or diversification of product lines.

  4. Real-Time Inventory Management: The APS should have real-time inventory management capabilities to track and monitor the inventory levels across all manufacturing facilities. This includes capabilities for demand forecasting and replenishment.

  5. Optimized Logistics and Supply Chain Management: The APS should help optimize supply chain processes, including production planning, distribution planning, and transportation planning. It should be capable of providing optimal routes, schedules, and allocation of resources.

  6. Cost Reduction: The APS should have features that help in identifying and reducing unnecessary costs in logistics and supply chain operations. This includes features for analyzing freight costs, identifying inefficiencies, and providing recommendations for cost reduction.

  7. Reporting & Analytics: The APS must include comprehensive reporting and analytics tools to provide insights into operations, identify trends, and support decision-making.

  8. Security: Given the sensitive nature of data handled, the APS should adhere to strict data security and privacy regulations. It should include features like role-based access, encryption, and regular backups.

How many people would use the solution?

Global Supply Chain Team

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How soon do you want to start the implementation?

Q3 2023

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