Supply Chain End to End Visibility Solution for Global F&B Corporation


Our client is one of the top 10 F&B global corporations with operations in 160 countries. They require a better solution to solve their current visibility challenges and real time tracking challenges. 

Main objectives to accomplish

Supply Chain Visibility Platform:
Merge data from various systems like SAP ERP, 3PL WMS, YMS, TMS, etc., into one centralized platform for order status and location tracking. Provide strategic and tactical insights.

Yard Management (YMS):
Maximize yard space utilization, track intra-yard trailer and container movements, manage gate activities and trailer status, and assign dock doors. Sync with appointment manager and TMS.

Appointment Scheduling:
Enable efficient scheduling and management of goods receipt or delivery appointments. Interface with yard manager and TMS.

Real-time Tracking Technology:
Utilize ELD, RFID, GPS, and IoT sensors for real-time shipment tracking. Data feeds into current TMS via standard APIs.

Integration and Data Exchange:
Offer integration capabilities with 3PL WH, ERP, current TMS, Track and trace solutions. Use APIs and EDI for data exchange, ensuring timely system throttle.

How many people would use the solution?

NA Supply Chain and Operations teams 

What geography will it be focused on?

North America

How soon do you want to start the implementation?

Q1 2024

What is your budget range?


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