CLOSED – TMS/Supply Chain Orchestration Solution for Global Sourcing Company


Our client has offices in Canada, China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Korea, Peru, Philippines, Republic of Mauritius, Sri Lanka, Taiwan, Vietnam, and the United States. With more than 750 associates in 13 countries. They are specialization in apparel, footwear, accessories, and other household goods. With more than forty years of experience. They want to ramp up their logistics and distribution capabilities and want to implement a strong TMS to coordinate to global operations and operations teams in Asia, Europe and US.

Main objectives to accomplish

1.User Interface and Accessibility: – Sleek and high-tech interface for ease of use.
2. Customizability and Integration: – Flexibility to customize the system according to business needs.
3. Route and Load Optimization: – Spot quotation capability and award notification function.
4. Procurement Management: – Bid management and procurement capabilities.
5. Booking and Operations Management: – Systemic booking confirmation alerts.
6. Order and Shipment Management: – Efficient order entry, overview, and transport planning.
7. Performance Monitoring and Metrics:- Vessel schedule reliability analytics for comparing actual performance.
8. Financial Functionality: – Invoicing and rate management.

 The proposals will be evaluated based on the following criteria:
Technical feasibility and effectiveness of the proposed solution
Compatibility with our existing IT infrastructure
Customizability and scalability of the solution
Proposed implementation plan and timelines
Pricing and value for money
Vendor experience and references

How many people would use the solution?

Global Supply Chain and Operations teams 

What geography will it be focused on?


How soon do you want to start the implementation?

Q3 2023

What is your budget range?


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